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Where Madness Reigns Free

Holding onto my sanity (don't leave me just yet)

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Bound Together (and casted too) 2/2

(Part 1 Here)

Part 2....

He obliged willingly. So she started stitching. She never got used to the feeling of stitching someone. She didn’t run at the sight of blood but she didn’t run towards it either. She didn’t like the way the needle penetrated the flesh. This was for Arthur and for Arthur only. Prick. Push. Pull. “The three Ps,” Eames had joked. She tried to concentrate on the wounds at task but her mind wandered.

Had she not been in Miles’ class for her architectural studies in the Universite du Paris, she would not have been his star student. Had not she been his star student, Professor Miles would not have recommended her to Cobb. Had she not met Cobb, she would not have been thrust into the world of dreaming. Had she not been thrust to the world of dreaming, she would not have met Arthur. But had not she met Arthur, they would not be in this dilemma right here and now.

It was the funny way life worked. Had she decided to stay in America for her studies, she wondered what would’ve happened. But she couldn’t think about it because she couldn’t imagine life without Arthur. Not anymore.

So she moved on to a safer topic to think about: the baby. Would the baby have Arthur’s nose? Would he have his teeth? Would he have his perfect smile and his smoldering eyes? Would he have long nimble fingers and long limbs? She smiled at the thought of a miniature Arthur calling her mommy because she knows she’d never tire of hearing it.

She can feel the needle pushing into the skin and it’s hard to ignore for a while. The wound was stitched to the best of her ability and she tied a knot. Taking the string out later would be a bitch. She looked over to Arthur who was gritting his teeth in pain. She lifted a hand from the needle and touched Arthur’s eyebrow gently. His eyes fluttered as she stroked his forehead. When she took her hand away he groaned at the loss of contact.

She finished cleaning him up and got him into a new shirt and pants. He was still drowsy and a bit drunk from pain and vodka. He attempted to sit up but struggled because of his wounds. His face tightened and he hissed at the stinging pain. Finally he gave up and collapsed on the couch.

He swore. “Goddammit, I can’t even get up from this fucking couch without fucking screaming…fucking arms.”

Ariadne raised her eyebrows in surprise. This was the first time she’s heard him swear so much since she’d told him she was pregnant. It was as if he were trying to protect the baby from hearing profanity. She noted to herself that he was a bit drunk and in a lot of pain.

She shook her head and helped him up, one arm on his back and one arm on his shoulder. Arthur looked up at her with hard eyes.

“If anybody comes in here, you know where the guns are. I will still protect you with everything I’ve got but I need you to be safe just in case-“

She silenced him with a long kiss. It was a battle of tongues as Arthur tried to pull away but Ariadne just continued to kiss him senseless until he gave in. she pulled away whispering to him, stroking his face with both of her hands, just like what she saw Mal do so many times in Cobb’s dreams. She can’t help but shiver at the similarities between them. Except Arthur was more careful and she was more wary of it.

She pulled away.

“Do you want something to eat?”

He gave her a questioning look but nodded quietly.

She left to make some soup and contemplated the fact that she was scared about losing him. She made chicken noodle soup because it was the only thing she could make. When it was done she ladled it into a bowl and put it on a tray. She carried it outside and caught Arthur staring out the large window with a contemplative expression on his face. She couldn’t help but smile at the ridiculous scene of him in both arms in a cast and bound together while looking out the window.

He heard her giggle and turned his head rapidly, accidentally twitching his arms. He gave a small curse and turned to look at her with a frustrated line between his eyes. He frowned a little before letting it melt away to become a small smile.

“Are you just going to stand there all night Miss Nightingale or are you going to feed me?”

Ariadne raised her eyebrows and debated whether to flirt with him some more or just feed him. She decided to feed him. She laid the tray on the table gently as not to make too much noise. She took the spoon from the tray and held up the bowl near Arthur’s face.

“How long has it been since someone fed you?”

Arthur raised his eyebrows.

“Too long.”

She smiled slightly.

She lowered the spoon into the bowl and dipped it into the soup. She scooped up some soup into the spoon, clinking the spoon to the side of the bowl to wipe off excess soup. Ariadne then lifted the spoon with an animated face towards Arthur.

“Open up you!”

Arthur rolls his eyes.

“Oh for god’s sakes-“

He didn’t finish that sentence because Ariadne had already stuck the spoon into his mouth with vigor and dumped all the soup into his mouth. He shut his mouth immediately, not wanting to spill soup all over his crotch. He gulped down the soup and she took the spoon out of his mouth. She smiled wickedly.

“Ariadne, you could’ve shoved the spoon down my throat if you weren’t careful! Jesus, what will happen to the baby when it comes out?” Arthur snapped.

Ariadne’s eyes widened and her eyes started to water. Blame the hormones if you will, but it had been a stressful day. Arthur noticed immediately and a look of guilt crossed his face.


Ariadne shook her head and wiped away the tears. She couldn’t believe she would cry over such a trivial little matter. Damn hormones.

“It’s nothing.”

Arthur looked doubtful.

“Ariadne…I didn’t mean that. You know I didn’t. It’s been a stressful day and I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry.”

She nodded and continued to spoon soup up. She lifted it once again and Arthur leaned forward to accept the spoon into his open mouth. He looked at her with his dark eyes and gave her a little smile of encouragement as she put the utensil into his mouth. He drank the soup and she could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down.

She continued to feed him until there was no soup left. She then placed the spoon into the bowl. Arthur caught her by surprise by giving her a salty kiss on the lips and gracing her with his appreciative eyes. When they broke away, he whispered.

“Thank you.”

Ariadne doesn’t think that her heart will ever stop beating this hard whenever Arthur is near. Then she grimaced and her hand went automatically to her swollen belly. She shut her eyes and gave a little groan.  She could hear Arthur’s voice laced with concern asking her,

“Ariadne? Are you okay?”

She opened her eyes and gave a little nod.

“It’s the baby. He’s just kicking away.”

Arthur lowered his head near her belly and whispered

“Be a good boy for mommy okay?”

As if he could hear Arthur, the baby immediately ceased to kick. She could imagine Arthur placing his large hands on her abdomen and rub soothing circles if he could. She could see that he wanted to and smiled gently. Her shoulders, which were tense before, started easing and relaxing down as he talked to the baby in nonsensical sounds and whispers.

She thought to herself that he would be a good father.

She never thought about Arthur’s father. He never talked about him but she never asked because she always thought Arthur was the “don’t ask, don’t tell” kind of guy. The look in his eyes sometimes when she mentioned his past was harsh and cold. She rarely mentioned his family and instead she focused on her own.

She had pictures in her mind of their son in Arthur’s strong yet gentle arms and pictured their son on his shoulders. He’d teach him how to count. She’d teach him how to draw mazes. They’d both teach him to dream beyond the limits, that’s what got them here.

She didn’t notice when Arthur looked up at her, a calm look on his face.

“A penny for your thoughts?”

She was shaken from her trance and gave a little chuckle.

“I’m just thinking how ridiculous you sound when you talk to the baby.”

He cocks his eyebrow.

“At least I’m making an effort, the books always say that you should try to converse with the baby.”

She grinned.

“I think it’s the vodka speaking.”

He would’ve given her a little shove if not his arms weren’t bound so. Instead he graced her with his sarcastic grin. The one that Ariadne hopes their son will inherit instead of her twitchy nose whenever she’s annoyed. Arthur disregarded her last comment and continued staring at her lovely bump and humming something that sounds distinctively like Mozart and Edith Piaf.

Indeed, he would be a great father.

She can’t help that she just blurts it out with no restrain.

“You’ll be a great father.”

She doesn’t look for his reaction. Instead, she strokes his hair softly. She can feel him rumbling from his humming. She can sense that he’s smiling so she joins in.

If years ago, someone told her she would have ended up in such a predicament, having a criminal as a lover and carrying that criminal’s baby, she would have told the person they were insane. But now that she is here, she regrets absolutely nothing because of the way Arthur looks at her and the loving weight of another she carries around her. And because she can hear the soft melodic humming of Arthur as he whispers to the baby.

Non, je ne regrette rien.


Weeks passed before it was safe for them to leave the house.

Arthur objected to her leaving the house to buy groceries all by herself, but she stated that he wouldn’t be much help if he came along with him and he sat down quietly to brood. She left without further delay. It had been days that she hasn’t felt the sun and she was determined to soak up as much sunlight as she could.

She came back a little late and Arthur was setting the floor on fire by pacing around the house. When he saw her, he gave a sigh in relief and went straight up to her. His arms were bound and crossed together across his arm making him look as though he were wearing a straightjacket.

“You were out for a long time.”

She nodded.

“I wanted to get as much sunlight as possible for both me and the baby. The baby needs some Vitamin D you know.”

He frowned. She gave him a questioning look.

“What’s wrong?”

Arthur responded in a wary tone.

“Eames just called. I couldn’t pick up but he left a message. He said that we need to meet back at Cobb’s for a closing meeting to discuss the details of the last job. I need to go.”

She shook her head vehemently.

“Why? Isn’t it dangerous enough that they’re already looking for us? Now we have to bring Cobb into this mess as well? No, I will not put him and his family in jeopardy. And besides, you’re in no condition to be doing stressful things; you’re supposed to be resting.”

Arthur gave a pleading look at her.

“Ariadne, please, we need to tie up loose ends and decide once and for all how to deal with Thusur Enterprises. I don’t want you or my child to be chased down by these sons of bitches for the rest of our lives. Just one last meeting and I promise you, it’ll be all over.”

She gave a little humph.

“Why do you have to go then? Why can’t Eames deal with it himself? You shouldn’t be doing this kind of legwork in your fragile situation.”

Arthur gave a little smile.

“You’re adorable when you’re mad.”

She placed both hands on her hips.

“Arthur! I’m being serious!”

The smile wiped off his face.

“I know but I really don’t trust Eames to get things done and besides, I know you’ve wanted to see Cobb for a while now.”

Her shoulders slumped in defeat. She waved her hand in the air and stated,

“Fine, fine. But you’re not doing anything until the day we go to Cobb’s house.”

Arthur gave Ariadne a faux look of shock.

“Not even kissing?”

Ariadne rolled her eyes.

“You know what I mean. Besides, when is it?”

Arthur looked away.


Ariadne gave a little shriek of surprise.

“Tomorrow? Couldn’t they have told you sooner?”

Arthur shrugged and winced because his shoulders were still sore.

“Eames wanted to give a little time before he called me. He didn’t know if we were still being watched.”

Ariadne mumbled,

“And you said he was dumb.”

She left to make dinner. Every night she’d been feeding him. Whether it was soup or casserole, she fed him spoon after spoon. At first he was reluctant but soon it looked like he was enjoying himself. He still objected, saying that she wasn’t getting enough food for herself. She shut him up by shoving more food down his throat. Perhaps it was weird but she was enjoying it quite a lot as well.

She enjoyed the feeling that Arthur was dependant on her, even if it were for a short period of time. She liked the thought that she could aid Arthur in something he was not able to do (which was a first). It made their relationship mutual in give and take and she repaying him. And he seemed relaxed for once; depending on someone else instead of doing everything himself. But she could sense he was becoming restless.

Tonight’s dinner she made stew because last night’s pasta became a disaster in terms of trying to feed Arthur. It had splattered all over Arthur’s shirt and the noodles had dropped onto her belly. He tried pretending that he was not upset at the large stain on his shirt but she knew better. It was difficult not to notice the hard eyes and the stiff face.

She tasted the stew from the ladle and frowned. Today’s stew wasn’t as good as Arthur’s but it’ll have to do. She took the tray out to where Arthur was sitting now to find him staring at his laptop.

It was an odd sight. Arthur staring down at the laptop as if the words will just magically appear and the mouse will just start to have a life of its own and start moving. His arms were still bound in an X shape across his chest and he couldn’t even roll his shoulders without flinching. It was an impossible mission but Arthur seemed dead set on winning it. She chuckled a little before setting the tray down on the table.

“You know…the words aren’t going to just type themselves.”

Arthur snapped out of his staring contest.

“You never know.”

She shut the laptop (a groan of disapproval emitted from Arthur’s mouth) and brought the bowl close to Arthur. Arthur stared down at the meal as if it was offending him in some way. She placed the spoon into the bowl and scooped a little bit of stew onto it.

She lifted the spoon near her lips and blew on it gently. From the corner of her eye, she could spot Arthur staring at her intently as her lips blew on the stew. She had a feeling that the soup wasn’t all he hoped to devour. She glared at him.

“Don’t even think about it. You don’t get any dessert until you finish this stew.”

He gave a little smirk as she brought the spoon his way. He opened his mouth a little. Ariadne shook her head.

“Nuh uh, got to open up a little bit bigger that that big boy.”

He squinted a little at Ariadne--she could almost see Cobb’s squint--before he decided to open his mouth wider. She put the spoon in his mouth and he closed up on it whilst giving her a smoldering glance. She all but threw the bowl over her shoulder and straddled his lap but she withheld that urge. Instead she kept feeding him until the stew was all gone.

She gave him a gentle smile and a pat on the head.

“Good boy. You’re such a big boy aren’t you?”

Arthur gave her a sideways glare.

“I’ll show you who the big boy is when my arms heal.”

She chuckled.

“I’ve never doubted you have a big boy Arthur. That’s how we created this big boy.”

She caressed her baby bump gently. He was going to be a big boy soon. She could feel him kicking away and moving around and it gave her an odd settling feeling. She closed her eyes and just laid back onto the couch. She could feel Arthur’s weight settle down beside her. She rested her head on his shoulder and he rested his head on her head.

Together, they fell asleep like that, the bowl and the spoon forgotten, just the sound of the wind rustling through their tree outside.


She was certain that she hated cars. Something about them pissed her off. It was either the rumbling or the steering wheel. She can’t know for sure but she thinks she didn’t use to hate it quite so much. Driving made her back ache and left her in an uncomfortable position.

Arthur frowned excessively during the drive to Cobb’s house. It was roughly two hours away but for Ariadne who was groaning and moaning every time she had to press on the gas pedal or the brake, it felt like eternity. He cast many concerned glances at Ariadne throughout the entire drive. He almost suggested that they parked and took a taxi instead.

When they arrived, Ariadne parked the car by the curb and slumped down on the seat. She gave a loud sigh and rolled her shoulders. Arthur leaned over to nudge her shoulder and whispered.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine Arthur. Just give me a moment,” she snapped.

They sat in the seat of the car for a few minutes to let Ariadne catch her breath. A wave of uncomfortable silence washed over them. Ariadne finally unbuckled her seat belt and opened the car door. She then went to the other side of the car and opened Arthur’s car door and unbuckled his seat belt. Arthur struggled a bit to get out of the seat but eventually he managed to get up.

They walked through the gates of Cobb and Miles’ beautiful abode. The trees were trimmed to perfection and the flowerbeds carefully arranged to compliment the house. The house itself was made of wood and overlooked the ocean. Ivy grew on the house that reminded Ariadne of her childhood home and moss peeked through the boards. A porch surrounded the front of the house with a rocker where Ariadne was sure that Mal had sung to her children. Shivers crawled down her spine and she shook them away.

She dropped her hands near Arthur, anticipating him to grab a hold of her own tiny icicles for fingers. She was disappointed to remember that both his hands were in a cast and strapped across his chest and she pulled back her hands to cross her arms, tucking the numb fingers into the armpit of her coat. Her shoulders shrugged a little and let out a breath of misty air. She took a moment to enjoy the spiraling cloud of her breath and wondered why she could never dream that up in her dreams.

They approached the big oak door of Cobb’s house and she waited in front of it. After a few seconds, Arthur turned his head her way.

“Aren’t you going to ring the bell?”

Her head snapped up in surprise. Arthur was the one who usually rings the bell. His finger always looked so in place with the shape of the doorbell.

“Oh! Right.”

She unwillingly released her hands from their warm place and pushed the slightly frosted doorbell.


She always enjoyed how crisp the bell sounded at Cobb’s place. It was unlike other doorbells that sounded cheesy and artificial. Once she’d asked Cobb about it. He told her it was an actual bell that came from Switzerland. She replied that it sounded lovely. He smiled and said it was Mal’s idea. She didn’t question it further.

There was yelling and sounds of screeching children coming from behind the door. They heard Eames’ cheerful voice calling

“I’ll get that!”

Arthur stiffened. She was pretty sure he did not want to be greeted by the obnoxious forger first thing. Especially in his circumstances.

The door swung open to reveal a smirking forger in a pale yellow shirt. His hair gelled back like most of the men in their line of profession. Eames’ smirk grew a little bigger as his eyes fell on the sad sight of Arthur’s “situation” as he told Eames himself over the phone.

“Well, well, well…what do we have here? Lady and the tramp?”

Ariadne gave a little wry smile as she extended both her arms. Eames leaned in gently and gave her a hug, careful not to put too much pressure onto her baby bump. He then leant down and held her belly in his two large hands and cooed at it.

“Well hello to you too Peanut. Why don’t you say hello to your godfather, hmm darling?”

Arthur snorted.

“Godfather? Eames, you are delusional. It’s quite amusing.”

Eames stood up and faced Arthur with a huge grin on his face.

“And you too Arthur. What happened? Became a little rusty?”

Arthur glared at him.

“For your information, I took down four armed men with two broken arms, which is better than you will ever do Eames.”

Eames chuckled and extended his arms.

“Aww, poor Arty with a big boo boo, do you want a hug?”

Eames advanced forward but Arthur swept past him.

“No. Don’t touch me.”

Ariadne gave a nonchalant shrug as she moved in behind Arthur. Eames shut the door and followed them into the sitting room.

As soon as Arthur and Ariadne entered the sitting room, they were greeted by two excited screeches and pitter patter of feet running towards them. James and Phillipa were yelling in excitement.

“Uncle Arthur! Aunt Ariadne! You’re here!”

There screeches drowned out Cobb’s somewhat stern voice of “Gently guys, gently.”

Arthur was suddenly bombarded with two sets of arms grabbing a hold of both his legs and him without his arms to help him balance out. He was swaying so much that Cobb had to jump up and steady him. Cobb slowly pried away their arms and told them that “That’s enough children.” They then went over to Ariadne as she knelt down to meet them.

They were gentler with Ariadne because Cobb had explained how Aunt Ariadne was carrying a baby inside of her and made them promise not to squeeze too hard. Phillipa had asked how the baby got there and James had nodded in curiosity. Eames had a large smile on his face and had just opened his mouth when Cobb cut him off with “Remember the stork story guys? The stork had put it there when Uncle Arthur and Aunt Ariadne wanted a baby.” That was enough for them. Eames had whispered to Cobb: “They’re going to be so disappointed on the day you decide to tell them the truth. ‘How could you lie to me daddy? How could you?’” Cobb just shook him off.

After greeting them and Ariadne listening intently to their story about the baby bird they found on the porch and the sandcastle they made, Miles swept them out of the room telling them that it was time for their nap. And everyone sat back down on the couch with deep frowns.

Cobb was the first one to speak.

“Well since we’re all here, I can offer to let the two of you stay at my house until everything dies down.”

Ariadne’s eyes widened and she shook her head vehemently.

“No! That’s way too dangerous for your family Cobb, I can’t accept that.”

Cobb shook his head.

“Don’t be too quick to refuse me Ariadne. Besides, Arthur is injured and probably won’t be much use at protecting you.”

Arthur gave an offended look in Cobb’s direction as if he could not believe that his oldest partner would suggest such a thing. Cobb caught the look and hurried to correct himself.

“I mean that we would not wish for him to be injured more.”

Arthur gave a frustrated frown. Ariadne hesitated.

“Alright…if you insist…”

Arthur gave an uncomfortable grunt.

Eames smiled widely.

“Now that we have that sorted out. Let us get to the actual topic this afternoon, hmm darlings?”

Arthur snapped.

“Tell me then Eames, what are your ideas on how to deal with this shitty situation?”

“Oh you wound me Arthur. But correct me if I’m mistaken, this is your specialty. Isn’t that right darling?”

Arthur squinted at Eames angrily before resting back into the couch. It was going to be a long talk.


After four hours and many attempts at a polite conversation, everyone was tired. Arthur had forced Eames to make fourteen phone calls within the span of the last hour and had Ariadne hold the phone up to his ear while he spoke when he didn’t trust Eames.

It was well beyond 5:30 and Ariadne was asleep on the couch. Her mocha curls dancing along her pale skin as she exhaled. Eames was leaning back on the worn leather recliner of Cobb’s, the one that Arthur was sure was Mal’s favorite; the one that she used to hold James and Phillipa as she crooned them to sleep.

Arthur sighed deeply and leaned back onto the couch, trying to get more comfortable. He only succeeded in twisting his shoulder into an even more uncomfortable position and jostling Ariadne. He stilled immediately and watched as Ariadne nestled into his lap. They stayed that way until Arthur inexplicably felt the heaviness of his eyelids. He too fell asleep on Cobb’s couch.

Two hours later, Arthur and Ariadne were awakened by whispers. James and Phillipa had their faces close to Ariadne’s stomach and they were whispering furiously at each other.

“Why is Aunty Ari’s stomach so big Pippa?”

Phillipa frowned intensely. It reminded Arthur of Cobb’s serious stare.

“I dunno James. Daddy says it’s because she’s carrying a baby inside her.”

James frowned as well. An adorable little crease between his eyebrows formed.

“How does the baby come out Pippa?”

Arthur caught Eames’ wide grin. He was about to open his mouth when Arthur shot him a “don’t even say it” glare. Once again Eames was shut down. He seemed intent on corrupting Cobb’s children, perhaps as payback to him not telling them about limbo. Arthur wouldn’t trust him with even his enemy’s child. There were some things that children cannot unlearn. Eames just smiled and shuffled into the recliner.

By now, both James’ and Phillipa’s hands were on Ariadne’s abdomen, stroking it very softly with their chubby little hands. Ariadne was wide awake now but pretending to be asleep.

Suddenly both James and Phillipa flinched and gasped. Ariadne chuckled a little.

“Pippa, what was that?”

“It felt like a bump!”

Ariadne lifted both of her hands to cover theirs on her stomach. She spoke with a slightly sleepy and gentle voice.

“That’s the baby James. It was kicking. It was saying ‘Hi there James! Hi there Pippa!’”

Ariadne raised a few fingers to her face and wiggled them as if waving. They both oohed and ahhed and continued stroking the large bump. Ariadne rubbed both of their tiny hands under her own. James leaned into her belly and rubbed his cheek on it and then Phillipa joined in. Ariadne turned to carressed their hair and rub their cheeks tenderly.

Arthur would never forget that moment as long as he lived.

He rolled his head over on the couch to catch a glimpse of Cobb watching them. He had a sort of melancholy look on his face. It looked as if there were tears in his eyes as he watched the pregnant Ariadne stroke his children’s hair.

Arthur turned away because he didn’t want to be reminded of how Mal used to stroke Cobb’s hair and James’ and Phillipa’s. It was too hard for the both of them. He heard rustling around the door and a slightly cracked voice.

“James, Phillipa, time for dinner.”

Then the footsteps faded into the kitchen. The children lifted their hands off of the object of fascination and ran towards the dining room, blond hair jumping and swaying. Ariadne nestled further into Arthur’s lap, and if he could, right now, he would have stroked her hair. Ariadne sighed.

“I can’t wait to have one of them for my own.”

Arthur smiled.

“You would be a great mother.”

She twitched with emotion in his lap.

“And you would be a great father.”

She felt a kick in her abdomen and they both spoke at the same time.

“And we can’t wait to see you too Peanut.”


A/N: I hoped you enjoyed this. Comments are love
Tons of thanks to
[info]nessismore for her help!!

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So I kind of cried got emotional during the scene with Ariadne and the Cobb kids.

Everything was written so lovely. I like to believe that this is a snap-shot of their life (could totally be canon).

I adore "Peanut." He will be a superbaby, what with having Ariadne's and Arthur's genes. :)

Much love! <3

Thank you so much! Peanut will definitely be a superbaby. It's extremely tempting to write a sequel about him.

Haha, you totally already know how I feel about this!


Awesome work!

And oh goodness, a sequel with Peanut, Phillipa and James as a an extraction team would be freaking awesome

Also, what are you talking about half the credit going to me? It's all you and your awesome words, bb :) Absolutely lovely job once again!



Edited at 2011-03-30 12:55 am (UTC)



OMG! That was too much adorableness at the end! I loved it!

I remember when I first read this you were wondering whether or not to write something more angsty. While I really like this cuteness, I'm also curious to know where you think you might have taken it if you had gone the angst route.

I like how you addressed the issue of Arthur giving up some of his control (that probably happens when you've got two broken arms and you need to be spoon fed by your girl). On the one hand he seemed reluctant but on the other, I think he probably enjoyed it a bit. And I really enjoyed those scenes with her feeding him, they were kind of funny to imagine.

Annnnd, I've got to rave about your Philippa and James. I don't think I've ever not raved about Philippa and James in a fic, and yours will be no exception. It was absolute adorableness the way they were discovering and exploring Ariadne's stomach. So precious, I can't get over it.

"How does the baby come out?" LOL, that's a good question. Too bad Eames wasn't allowed to oblige. I can't even imagine what he would have said. Props for including him, and Cobb too.

Well done!

Thank you so much hon.
I did kind of consider the option of taking it the angsty route but it would have been much harder to write. I'm not sure how I would have gone about doing that but I suppose it would be along the lines of Arthur being very unhappy.

Haha, I love James and Pippa, I would love to do a story of the kids and Saito but we'll have to see.

Thank you again darling. You are so sweet.

Awwwh I was waiting for this fic to be finished :D So so cute!

Poor Arthur, trying to get the computer screen to respond to him simply by staring at it lol. All the feeding was adorable too *sigh* you have fufilled my little fantasy... and the scene with Cobb's kids was just beautiful, so utterly touching. I think its so sweet how they call their unborn baby 'peanut' hahah :D

Lovely fic, well worth the wait! <3

Thank you so much darling. I love your fics as well. Sorry for the long wait. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!


excellent articles, useful for me. keep writing and happy blogging.

I meant to say at the time (and didn't, because I am sometimes a bit crap) but I adored this more than is reasonable. I can recall reading your first draft and thinking then that the bones of this were good, but the finished article has such a sweet, wistful melancholy and is so tender inside the cute/violent exterior.
Delicious- thank you &hearts &hearts &hearts

You don't know how much that means to me that you enjoyed this. I was aiming towards a sort of melancholy aftertaste, sad because of their situation but still bittersweet that they are still together. It kind of eludes that their years will probably be more difficult ahead than other families.

Thank you so much hon! ♥♥♥

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